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The Importance of Revisiting

Burials in the Sea is honored to offer a service that allows families and friends the opportunity to revisit the burial location of their loved one in the serene and vast waters of Southern California. 

Understanding the importance of remembrance and connection, we provide a meaningful way for you to return to the place where you said your final farewells, offering a moment of reflection, peace, and ongoing tribute to those who have passed.

The act of revisiting the burial location at sea serves as a powerful reminder of the bonds that continue beyond physical presence. It allows individuals a personal space for reflection, healing, and celebration of the departed’s life amidst the natural beauty of the ocean.

Why Families Choose to Revisit

  • Continued Connection: Returning to the sea burial site helps maintain a sense of closeness to the departed.
  • Healing Journey: Moments of solitude by the sea can aid in the grieving process, offering tranquility and a sense of release.
  • Anniversary Commemorations: Marking significant dates or milestones by visiting the site can become a cherished ritual for families.
Revisiting Memorial Location - Burial In The Sea

Burial In The Sea Service Offerings In Long Beach

We are dedicated to facilitating your return to the burial location with the utmost respect and sensitivity, ensuring a comforting and meaningful experience.

Service Features Include

  • Vessel Charter: Provision of a suitable vessel to carry you and your guests to the exact location of the burial site.
  • Ceremonial Support: Assistance in planning a small ceremony or quiet moment of remembrance at sea, should you wish to include readings, prayers, or floral tributes.
  • Experienced Guidance: Our skilled captains and crew offer compassionate support, navigating the waters with care to the designated coordinates of your loved one’s final resting place.
Rose Pedals - Burial At The Sea

Planning Your Visit Via Burials In The Sea

Each visit to the burial location is as unique as the individual being remembered. We work closely with you to tailor the experience to your wishes, ensuring a peaceful and respectful return to the sea.

Arranging Your Service

  • Personal Consultation: Discuss your desires and expectations for the revisit, allowing us to plan the journey accordingly.
  • Customizable Options: Choose to conduct the visit privately or with family and friends, incorporating any personal touches that hold significance.
  • Logistical Coordination: From scheduling the ideal time for the voyage to managing any ceremonial elements, we handle all the details for a seamless experience.

A Moment of Remembrance and Peace

Revisiting the burial location offers a profound opportunity to renew your connection with your loved one, immersed in the tranquility and vastness of the sea. 

Burials in the Sea is here to guide you through this journey of remembrance, providing a space for reflection and homage that honors the enduring spirit of those who have departed.

Our commitment to compassionate service ensures that your return to the sea is marked with dignity and respect. You can find solace in the waves and whispers of the ocean, which cradles the memory of your loved one.

Why We Stand Out

Compassion Beyond Compare

We recognize the profound pain of losing a cherished pet and extend the same compassion and respect as we would for a beloved family member. Your pet's memory is precious, and their journey deserves the utmost care.

Personalized Tributes

We celebrate the unique essence of your pet. Tailoring the farewell to match their individuality, we offer an array of customizable options to ensure their tribute is as special as the bond you shared.

Dignity and Professionalism

With unwavering dedication to dignity and professionalism, we guarantee that every pet is treated with the respect they deserve throughout the entire process. Their journey is handled with the highest level of care and reverence.

24/7 Support

We are by your side during this challenging time. Whether you need assistance or have questions, our compassionate team is available around the clock to offer support. Your pet's memory is our priority.

A Compassionate Farewell

Losing a pet is never easy, but through our Pet Memorial Services at Sea, Burials in the Sea strives to offer a comforting and respectful way to celebrate their life and the love they gave. 

We stand ready to support you in honoring your beloved pet with a beautiful ceremony at sea, helping to bring solace during this difficult time.