Unattended Memorial Service in Los Angeles County at Beyond the Sea Memorial Services

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Beyond the Sea Memorial Services offers a compassionate and dignified option for those who wish to honor their loved ones with a sea burial but are unable to attend in person. 

Our Unattended Memorial Service in Los Angeles County provides a respectful and serene farewell, handled with the utmost care by our experienced team.

Serene Farewell At Sea

Understanding Unattended Memorial Services

Our Unattended Memorial Service is designed for families who, due to various reasons such as distance, health, or timing, cannot be present at the sea burial. This service allows you to fulfill the wishes of your loved one with dignity and respect, even in your absence.

Service Features

  • Professional Handling: Our skilled crew conducts the burial at sea with the same reverence and attention to detail as if the family were present.
  • Documentation: We provide photographs and GPS coordinates of the final resting place, ensuring that families have a record of the exact location where their loved one was laid to rest.
  • Flexibility: We offer the flexibility to schedule the service at a time that aligns with your needs and the tides, ensuring a smooth and respectful process.

Why Choose Beyond the Sea for Unattended Services?

  • Experience and Empathy: Our team, led by Captain Tony Miller, has extensive experience in conducting sea burials. We approach every service with empathy and professionalism, ensuring that your loved one’s farewell is handled with care.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your loved one’s final wishes are honored respectfully can bring peace of mind during a difficult time. We handle all aspects of the service, allowing you to focus on your grief and remembrance.
  • Connection to the Sea: For those who loved the ocean, a burial at sea is a fitting tribute. Our services allow for a return to nature in a beautiful, undisturbed marine environment.

Arrange an Unattended Memorial Service

If you are considering an unattended sea burial for your loved one in Los Angeles County, please contact Beyond the Sea Memorial Services. 

We are here to discuss your needs and ensure that your loved one’s farewell is conducted with honor and dignity.

For more information or to arrange a service, please visit our website Beyond the Sea Memorial Services or call us directly. 

We are committed to providing a service that meets your expectations and honors your loved one’s memory beautifully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be in person for any part of the unattended memorial service?

A: No, we would happily take care of everything through a phone call and coordination. We understand this can be a difficult time for many so we aim to take as much stress off of this event as we can.

Q: Is it cheaper to pre-plan a cremation?

A: Thinking ahead and planning a cremation can often be more cost-effective than waiting until the last minute. By pre-planning, you agree on the price now, which can protect you from any increases in the future due to inflation or changes in the market. It is a smart move that can save you and your family some money and stress in the long run.

Q: Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?

A: When you are looking into cremation services, it is super important to ask for all the details about what you are paying for. Sometimes, there might be extra costs that aren’t immediately obvious. Some cremation providers might have additional charges for things like rushing the process or filling out extra paperwork. To avoid any surprises, make sure to ask for a full breakdown of the costs so you know exactly what you are getting into.

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