Unattended Memorial Service at Sea

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Understanding Unattended Services

Burials in the Sea offers Unattended Memorial Services, providing a respectful and dignified option for those who wish to have their loved ones’ ashes scattered at sea without the presence of family or friends. 

This service is designed for individuals and families who, for various reasons, cannot attend the ceremony but still wish to honor their loved one’s final wishes with the serene backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

Our Unattended Memorial Services are conducted with the same level of care and respect as our attended services. We ensure that your loved one’s farewell is handled with dignity, in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of Southern California’s seascape.

Key Aspects of Our Service

  • Dignified Handling: Each unattended service is conducted with utmost respect, following the wishes of the departed and their families.
  • Ceremonial Documentation: We provide families with a certificate detailing the date, time, and coordinates of the ash scattering, offering a sense of closure and a place to visit in memory.
  • Environmental Consideration: All services are performed in accordance with environmental regulations, ensuring a respectful return to nature.
Serene Farewell At Sea

What Sets Beyond The Sea Services Apart

Choosing an unattended service does not mean compromising on the quality or the sincerity of the farewell. Burials in the Sea is committed to ensuring that every aspect of the ceremony is handled with professionalism and sensitivity.

Our Commitment Includes

  • Personalized Coordination: Prior to the service, our team works with you to understand any specific wishes or considerations for the ceremony.
  • Respect for Wishes: We ensure that the scattering is done according to your loved one’s wishes, whether that involves a specific location off the coast or the use of a biodegradable urn.
  • Compassionate Support: Our experienced team is here to provide support and answer any questions, making the process as seamless and comforting as possible.

The Ceremony Process Via Beyond The Sea

Though not attended by family or friends, the unattended memorial service is conducted with solemnity and grace, honoring the memory of the departed in the vast, embracing calm of the ocean.

Ceremony Details

  • Vessel Departure: Our vessel, carrying the ashes and manned by our experienced crew, departs from the harbor and proceeds to the scattering location.
  • Ash Scattering: The ceremony is conducted with reverence, as the ashes are gently scattered into the sea, returning to nature in a peaceful manner.
  • Ceremonial Record: A certificate documenting the ceremony’s details is sent to the family, serving as a keepsake and a testament to the dignified farewell.

A Respectful Farewell

Our Unattended Memorial Services at Sea offer a way to honor your loved one’s memory with dignity, simplicity, and peace. 

Burials in the Sea is dedicated to providing a respectful and heartfelt service, ensuring that your loved one’s final journey is commemorated in a manner befitting their wishes. 

Trust us to carry out this sacred duty, providing solace in the knowledge that their farewell was conducted with reverence and care amidst the natural beauty of Southern California’s ocean.

Why Beyond The Sea Stands Out

Compassion Beyond Compare

We recognize the profound pain of losing a cherished pet and extend the same compassion and respect as we would for a beloved family member. Your pet's memory is precious, and their journey deserves the utmost care.

Personalized Tributes

We celebrate the unique essence of your pet. Tailoring the farewell to match their individuality, we offer an array of customizable options to ensure their tribute is as special as the bond you shared.

Dignity and Professionalism

With unwavering dedication to dignity and professionalism, we guarantee that every pet is treated with the respect they deserve throughout the entire process. Their journey is handled with the highest level of care and reverence.

24/7 Support

We are by your side during this challenging time. Whether you need assistance or have questions, our compassionate team is available around the clock to offer support. Your pet's memory is our priority.

A Compassionate Farewell

Losing a pet is never easy, but through our Pet Memorial Services at Sea, Burials in the Sea strives to offer a comforting and respectful way to celebrate their life and the love they gave. 

We stand ready to support you in honoring your beloved pet with a beautiful ceremony at sea, helping to bring solace during this difficult time.