The Beauty and Efficiency of Scattering Ashes in Long Beach, CA

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When it comes to honoring our departed loved ones, traditional land burials, and cremations have long been the norm. However, the allure of an ocean burial or scattering ashes in Long Beach, CA has captured the hearts of many grieving families. What was once a privilege reserved for select occasions is now available to everyone.
This article will dig into the intricacies of a complete sea burial in California, shedding light on the process, duration, and importance of adhering to laws and regulations to protect our precious ocean environment.

Understanding the Ocean Burial Process

In contrast to a land burial, an ocean burial requires careful planning and execution. For those who are not familiar with the procedure, getting advice from professionals like Beyond the Sea Memorial Services can make the process easier. Obtaining the death certificate and checking that the deceased’s body is free of infectious diseases are the first steps.
Scattering Ashes in Long Beach, CA
Documentation, securing permits for sea burials, providing biodegradable caskets, and organizing transportation are all important aspects that ocean funeral planners take care of.

Sea Burials are Less Time-Consuming than Traditional Burials

Unlike land burials, which often require extensive searches for suitable cemetery plots and face constraints with available space, the scattering ashes in Long Beach, CA offers an array of boundless sites for these farewell ceremonies. This abundance of serene and uncharted locations eases the burden on grieving families, ensuring a smoother and faster planning process. With the invaluable guidance of seasoned sea burial planners, the entire ceremony can be orchestrated with ease, from acquiring necessary permits and licenses to organizing the biodegradable coffin and coordinating transportation. Their expertise streamlines the arrangements, alleviating any potential delays or complications.
In essence, a sea burial transcends the boundaries of time, providing an enduring connection between the living and their departed loved ones. The vast expanse of the ocean becomes a serene and everlasting tribute, where memories and emotions intermingle with the eternal rhythm of the tides. In choosing this unique form of farewell, families not only pay homage to their loved ones but also embrace the beauty of nature’s embrace, finding comfort in the eternal bond that stretches beyond life’s horizon.

What Requires Planning Time for Sea Burials?

While scattering ashes in Long Beach, CA is relatively prompt, the planning and preparation phases can be time-consuming. Creating a proposal and obtaining the MPRSA general permit are vital steps in adhering to maritime laws and protecting marine life. Seeking professional help from experienced funeral planners is essential to avoid unnecessary delays and ensure compliance with all laws and guidelines. After the burial, some documentation work remains, requiring families to report to their local EPA office with event details and supporting evidence.

Planning ahead is Essential

To ensure a seamless and dignified ceremony, advanced planning is crucial for full-body sea burials. Every aspect, from selecting the casket to arranging floral tributes and coordinating transportation, must be meticulously planned in advance. Reliable sea funeral planners will expertly manage all details, allowing families to choose between attended and unattended ceremonies.

Planning a Sea Burial Off the Coast of California?

Ocean burial regulations vary depending on the region and country. Families in Southern California can trust Beyond the Sea Memorial Services for scattering ashes in Long Beach, CA. You can get expert assistance in planning deep sea burials and ash scattering ceremonies. The duration of sea burial planning hinges on specific requirements, ranging from a few hours to a couple of days. Families can rely on Beyond the Sea Memorial Services for individualized support and no-cost consultation.


An ocean burial offers a distinguished and remarkable farewell, resonating with the beauty and vastness of the sea. While the duration of planning varies, professional guidance ensures a seamless and meaningful ceremony, honoring the departed with grace and respect in the embrace of the ocean’s serenity.