How We Honor Lives by Spreading Ashes at Sea Southern California

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At Burials in the Sea, we believe in celebrating life’s journey by offering a serene and dignified return to nature. The vast, open waters of Southern California serve as our canvas, where we craft meaningful farewells for those who have embarked on their final voyage. 

Our commitment is to provide families with a peaceful and respectful way to honor their loved ones, amidst the tranquil beauty of the Pacific Ocean. 

This blog dives into our philosophy, services, and the profound experience of sea burials and ash spreading ceremonies that we are privileged to facilitate.

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The Essence of Sea Burials

We understand that saying goodbye is a deeply personal and profound moment. That’s why we offer sea burials to connect this significant transition back to the earth’s natural cycles. With its timeless ebb and flow, the ocean mirrors the cycle of life and death, offering a comforting reminder of nature’s perpetual rhythm. 


Our services in Southern California harness this elemental power, providing a setting of unparalleled beauty for the final farewell.

Our Services: Tailored to Your Needs

Each life is unique, and we believe each service should reflect that individuality. From Long Beach to the shores of Santa Barbara, we offer a variety of locations and personalize every ceremony to honor the departed’s wishes and legacy. 

Whether it’s a full-body sea burial with eco-friendly practices or the scattering of ashes beyond the breakers, our experienced team ensures every detail is handled with care and respect.

Compliance and Consideration

Respecting both environmental laws and the sanctity of the ceremony is paramount. Our operations are fully compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, ensuring that all burials at sea are conducted at least three nautical miles from land and with due respect to the marine ecosystem. 

We guide families through the legal aspects of the process, offering peace of mind that every element of the ceremony is lawful and ethically conducted.

A Tribute as Unique as the Individual

Our approach to planning a sea burial or ash scattering ceremony is collaborative. We listen to your stories, understand the essence of the individual, and craft a ceremony that truly reflects their spirit. 

From selecting the perfect coastal location to incorporating personal touches like music, readings, or the release of biodegradable flowers, we ensure the ceremony is a fitting tribute to the departed’s life and legacy.

Gathering in Honor

Navigating Grief

One of the most profound aspects of our services is the opportunity for collective remembrance they provide. As families and friends gather aboard our vessels, surrounded by the majesty of the Pacific, they share in a moment of unity and reflection.

These shared experiences are powerful, offering comfort, closure, and a sense of communal tribute that resonates long after the day.

A Voyage of Meaning and Memory

At Burials in the Sea, we are honored to serve as custodians of these final journeys, providing a bridge between the departed and the elemental beauty of Southern California’s seascape. 

Our mission is to ensure that every burial at sea or ash spreading ceremony we facilitate is conducted with the highest level of dignity and respect. 

As we navigate the waters of remembrance together, we are reminded of the profound connections that bind us, the enduring cycle of life, and the tranquil embrace of the ocean’s depths.

For those who are considering a sea burial or ash scattering in Southern California, we invite you to reach out. 

Let us help you create a lasting tribute that honors the spirit of your loved one, set against the backdrop of the Pacific’s serene beauty. 

Visit Burials in the Sea for more information on our services and how we can support you during this significant time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I negotiate cremation prices?

A: You might wonder if the ‘cremation prices near me’ are set in stone or if there’s some wiggle room. Well, the truth is, while certain costs can’t be changed, it doesn’t hurt to have a chat with the provider. Think of it like when you are at a market, and you ask the seller if they can give you a little discount on something you want to buy. Some cremation providers might have special package deals or might be open to adjusting certain parts of their service to better fit your needs and budget. It is all about communicating openly and seeing if there’s a way to make things work for both sides.

Q: Is it cheaper to pre-plan a cremation?

A: Thinking ahead and planning a cremation can often be more cost-effective than waiting until the last minute. By pre-planning, you agree on the price now, which can protect you from any increases in the future due to inflation or changes in the market. It is a smart move that can save you and your family some money and stress in the long run.

Q: Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?

A: When you are looking into cremation services, it is super important to ask for all the details about what you are paying for. Sometimes, there might be extra costs that aren’t immediately obvious. Some cremation providers might have additional charges for things like rushing the process or filling out extra paperwork. To avoid any surprises, make sure to ask for a full breakdown of the costs so you know exactly what you are getting into.

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