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Personalizing Your Memorial Tribute in Long Beach, CA

At Burials in the Sea, our Attended Memorial Services at Sea provide a dignified and personal way to say goodbye to loved ones. 

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Southern California’s coastline, these services allow families and friends to gather together on the open waters, creating a unique and meaningful farewell.

We believe that every life is unique, and so every memorial service should be as well. Our attended services are carefully planned to reflect the individuality of the departed.

Key Elements of Beyond The Sea's Memorial Service

  • Tailored Ceremonies: We work with families to craft a service that honors the life and preferences of their loved one, including music, readings, and eulogies.

  • Spiritual or Religious Elements: Upon request, we can include religious or spiritual practices important to the departed and their family.

  • Scenic Locations: Our services take place in the serene waters off Southern California, with several picturesque locations to choose from.
Burial In The Sea Attended Service

The Journey Begins With Beyond The Sea

Our services start from selected harbors where guests are welcomed aboard a vessel suited to the group’s size, ensuring a comfortable and intimate setting.

What to Expect

  • Privacy and Comfort: Our vessels are chosen to accommodate both small and large gatherings, providing a private space for reflection and remembrance.
  • Guided Service: Led by experienced captains and crew, the service includes a journey to a chosen scattering location, often selected for its personal significance.
  • Comprehensive Support: From the moment you contact us, our team provides support and guidance, handling all logistical and ceremonial aspects of the service.
San Diego

Commemorating Together Via Beyond The Sea

The ceremony at sea is a time for families to share memories, express emotions, and celebrate the life of their loved one.

Ceremony Highlights

  • Shared Memories: A time for guests to share stories, read poems, and remember the departed together.
  • Musical Tributes: The inclusion of meaningful music or live performances to honor the departed.
  • Final Farewell: The scattering of ashes or the laying of biodegradable urns into the ocean, conducted with care and respect.

A Journey of Remembrance

Our Attended Memorial Services at Sea offer more than just a farewell; they provide an opportunity to celebrate a life well-lived, surrounded by the natural beauty of the ocean. 

At Burials in the Sea, we are committed to ensuring that your loved one’s final journey is conducted with the dignity, respect, and personalization they deserve. 

Let us help you create a lasting tribute that honors their memory in the tranquil waters of Southern California.

Why Beyond The Sea Stands Out

Compassion Beyond Compare

We recognize the profound pain of losing a cherished pet and extend the same compassion and respect as we would for a beloved family member. Your pet's memory is precious, and their journey deserves the utmost care.

Personalized Tributes

We celebrate the unique essence of your pet. Tailoring the farewell to match their individuality, we offer an array of customizable options to ensure their tribute is as special as the bond you shared.

Dignity and Professionalism

With unwavering dedication to dignity and professionalism, we guarantee that every pet is treated with the respect they deserve throughout the entire process. Their journey is handled with the highest level of care and reverence.

24/7 Support

We are by your side during this challenging time. Whether you need assistance or have questions, our compassionate team is available around the clock to offer support. Your pet's memory is our priority.

A Compassionate Farewell

Losing a pet is never easy, but through our Pet Memorial Services at Sea, Burials in the Sea strives to offer a comforting and respectful way to celebrate their life and the love they gave. 

We stand ready to support you in honoring your beloved pet with a beautiful ceremony at sea, helping to bring solace during this difficult time.