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Bid Your Loved One a Touching Final Goodbye With a Serene Burial at Sea

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A Touching Sea Tribute for Your Departed Loved One

Paying your last respects and saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. Beyond the Sea Memorial Services provides convenient and worry-free funeral services at sea that you and your family can count on during this difficult time.

Bid Your Loved One a Touching Final Goodbye With a Serene Burial at Sea in Long Beach

Burial In The Sea Service Overview


Attended Memorial Service

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Southern California's coastline, these services allow families and friends to gather on the open waters, creating a unique and meaningful farewell.

Unattended Memorial Service

This service is designed for individuals and families who, for various reasons, cannot attend the ceremony but still wish to honor their loved one's final wishes with the serene backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

Viewing From Shore Service - Burial In The Sea

Viewing From Shore Memorial Service

This service provides a meaningful and accessible way for those who wish to commemorate their departed while remaining on land, combining the solemnity of a traditional memorial with the natural beauty of the ocean.

Revisiting Memorial Service - Burial In The Sea

Revisiting the Burial Location

Understanding the importance of remembrance and connection, we provide a meaningful way for you to return to the place where you said your final farewells, offering a moment of reflection, peace, and ongoing tribute to those who have passed.

Pet Memorial Service - Beyond The Sea Services

Pet Memorial Service

Our service offers a dignified and respectful tribute, celebrating the joy and unconditional love these beloved animals brought into our lives.

Cremation Services in Los Angeles

Additional Services

Beyond our primary offerings of attended, unattended, pet memorial services, and the opportunity to revisit burial locations, we provide additional services designed to celebrate the memory of the departed in meaningful and personalized ways.


Serenity and Peace at Sea

We have witnessed how difficult it is to choose a memorial service for your loved one.

This is why you have our word that we will strive to provide you with a convenient memorial service that is a fitting tribute to your loved one’s life well lived.

With our burial at sea, let us give you and your family a serene and private memorial burial environment to say your final goodbyes – a touching moment that will be forever embedded in your hearts.

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Based on 5 reviews
Debbie Falto
Debbie Falto
I purchased a $300+ urn for my father's ashes. It was made of rock salt and was very beautiful, designed to disintegrate upon contact with the sea. Capt. Tony explained that while it was up to me, he had an alternative where we could disperse his ashes with roses. The urn, he explained, would just fall like a rock, whereas I could disperse his ashes with roses and watch his ashes diffuse and float away. It was a much better choice both aesthetically and spiritually; it allowed for a moment of contemplation. We also dropped the urn into the ocean, and he did not charge me an additional fee. Overall, it was an excellent experience and his sagacious advice improved the service. Thank you Capt. Tony!
Lathisha Brown
Lathisha Brown
To make a long story short, I was P.O.A (Power of Attorney) for one of my moms Friends. She had no known family and my mom is very EERIE of ashes being in the house. One thing my we did know is that my moms friend loved was the water. We were recommended by the Best Cremation Care crematorium and it was by far the best recommendation. Beyond the Sea Memorial Services was the absolutely the best experience ever. I didn't know what to expect due to me never having an at see memorial service. But It was by far a BEAUTIFUL experience. The commination with Caption Tony awesome, the boat is beautiful , The staff Jim and Caption John was the best. Thank you for everything and I will definitely send recommendations your way.
ajay sharma
ajay sharma
Captain Tony and crew showed respect and compassion on spreading my my mothers ashes at sea. Would recommend
Holly U
Holly U
A very professional, accommodating, and welcoming crew. Made conducting my father's memorial easy, enjoyable, and pleasant. Very respectful of our family's wishes during this difficult time. Thank you.

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